Counseling and Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples


People come to therapy for a wide variety of reasons.  Many seek the help of a professional when they are experiencing some kind of challenge or crisis, such as a difficult transition, a relationship problem, grief or loss, anxiety, depression or in response to a traumatic event.  Others seek relief from suffering or for help resolving a persistent problem.   Others still are struggling with accepting an aspect of their life or a situation that they are having a hard time tolerating or coming to terms with.

Some clients come to therapy not from a place of suffering, but as a means of wanting to get more from their lives such as - for personal growth, enhancing relationships or just to have an ongoing place to "check in" and process the stressors of daily life, or to seek a deeper understanding of life's experiences.

Whatever it is that brings you to seek counseling or psychotherapy, you can expect that I will provide you with compassion, respect and understanding.  I will provide perspectives to illuminate persistent patterns and to help you increase awareness of your feeling and of your choices.  I will assess your situation and we will formulate a plan for helping you cope with, accept, get relief from or resolve your situation.  

Counseling may be short term in nature, focusing on a particular issue, or it may be longer term to explore more complex issues or patterns or for ongoing personal growth work.