Wellbeing is a skill!  - 4 week series at Yoga Gypsy Winter 2017

Vision Board Making Workshop - Maitri Yoga New Year's Day 2017

Wellbeing is a skill! - 4 week series at Yoga GypsyWinter 2016

MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress reduction  Fall 2015


  • Private or Semi-private yoga

Speaking engagements

Synergy Series - April 7, 2017 Fayetteville Public Library

  • "The Mind-Body Connection:  Yoga, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy"
  • "Current Research in Psychedelic Science and Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy"

Psychedelic Integration Counseling or Consultation

*I do not offer guided psychedelic assisted psychotherapy at this time and can not help with acquiring psychedelic medicines.  I do not recommend the use of illegal substances.  If you choose to engage with psychedelic medicines, I can talk to you about your experience after the fact or can discuss harm reduction approaches to promote safety and minimize risk.