Wellbeing is a skill!  - 4 week series at Yoga Gypsy Winter 2017

Vision Board Making Workshop - Maitri Yoga New Year's Day 2017

Wellbeing is a skill! - 4 week series at Yoga GypsyWinter 2016

MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress reduction  Fall 2015



  • Restorative Yoga  - Sunday evenings at 4:45 Yoga Gypsy, 1110 Mathais Dr in Springdale, AR 
  • Yoga for you! - lunchtime gentle flow and optional support group specifically geared towards health care providers/caregivers/healers/givers of any kind.  All are welcome.   Fridays at noon at Maitri Yoga 1011 N. College Ave. Fayetteville, AR 


Speaking engagements

Synergy Series - April 7, 2017 Fayetteville Public Library

  • "The mind-body connection:  Yoga, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy"
  • "Current research in psychedelic science and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy"

recent conferences and trainings

-Wisdom 2.0  San Francisco 2/2014

-Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Gypsy fall 2015

-Psychedelics and Spirituality, MAPS December 2015

- Yin Yoga Fall 2016

- Come September: Yoga Shadow work. Blue Yoga Nyla, Little Rock, AR December 2016

-The Way of the Psychonaut - Stan Grof, MD  6 month intensive webinar and live training.  December 2016- May 2017

-Psychedelic Science 2017 - Oakland, CA April 2017

- Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grof - Oakland, CA April 2017


next up:

-The evolution of Psychotherapy - December 2017 Anaheim, CA