sliding scale


Please choose the level which you feel most accurately represents your ability to pay. 



Level 1 $75 I sometimes struggle to make ends meet although getting the help that I need is an investment that I’m willing and able to prioritize.   

Level 2:  $100: I am covering my basic needs but have little room in my budget to establish savings, pay down debt or treat myself, but it is important to me to invest in therapy.  

Level 3 $125 I am able to cover needs and some wants, as well as have some form of personal wealth such as retirement savings or property. This level would be helpful in making therapy a part of my regular budgeted expenses.

Level 4 $150 I am able to cover both basic necessities and feel secure in my financial future.  I know that my payment makes possible more offerings for others at the other levels 


If none of these options will work for your budget, I can provide referrals to other local therapists with sliding scales or to low cost agencies.